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About Japan LawTech SOAR

LexisNexis and LegalTechJapan.com are organizing Japan’s first law tech/legal tech hackathon.

The hackathon theme is Japan LawTech SOAR: Embracing Society 5.0.

We are providing a platform where individuals can come together to explore and create solutions to current problems in one or more of the following legal areas (SOAR):



This is a call to action for individuals curious about how to leverage technology in law in Japan and are open to spending a weekend working on a multidisciplinary team.

No siloed approach allowed at this event! We’re all about collaboration and diversity of thought.    

Event Goal:
Collaborate to create solutions in legal


Solutions that help lawyers and legal professionals provide more effective and efficient services to their clients


Solutions that help lawyers and legal professionals improve internal operations


Solutions that provide individuals access to legal knowledge, self-help legal solutions, or to appropriate legal service providers


Solutions that help make sense of the ever-increasing changes and complexity of regulations


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What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event where participants, such as entrepreneurs, software developers, innovators, and designers collaborate for one or more days to create creative technology solutions to specific sets of problem statements. The ultimate goal is for each hacking team to develop an MVP (minimum viable product) by the end of the event.

4-Step Process

  1. Form a Team
  2. Choose a Problem
  3. Create an MVP to address the selected Problem
  4. Pitch a Solution

All 4-steps will take place during the hackathon weekend.

Who should join?

If you are reading this message, we assume you are curious about the topics of law and technology. This event is for you!

We aim to have a multidisciplinary group of participants who are curious about how to best leverage technology in law and are willing to devote a weekend to experimenting about practical solutions to combining law and technology.

All participants must have a curiosity about law and technology and be open to working on a multidisciplinary team throughout the hackathon.

As this is a law and technology event, we, of course, need to have a robust number of lawyers, legal professionals, software developers, product design professionals, project managers, and students studying one or more of these areas.

If you fit at least one of the above profiles, please join! If you are not sure whether this hackathon is for you, please contact us, so that we can provide you with more information about the event.


Japan LawTeck Hackathon Speaker Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans has worked in the legal sector for over 20 years. He is the founder of Artificial Lawyer, the leading news and information platform for legal technology. He is also the founder of Tromans Consulting, which advises businesses in the legal sector on business strategy and innovation.

Takahiko Itoh

Takahiko is EY Japan’s Star-ups Leader. He has been very active in assisting start-ups clients, clients in technology sector and life science sector. He served as a judge for 4 years and now has over 16 years of experience as bengoshi (Japanese-qualified attorney). His practice mainly focuses on antitrust/competition and M&A/corporate works. Before joining EY, he belonged to UK and US based international law firms and major Japanese local law firm, and also worked as an in-house counsel at two companies on secondment-basis. He is qualified in New York and is fluent in English.

Yuri Suzuki is a senior partner in the Tokyo based law firm Atsumi & Sakai.  She launched the legal and regulatory advisory services for technology-driven innovative businesses as the firm’s Innovation Practice Group in 2015.   She was a panelist at a symposium session entitled

Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki is a senior partner in the Tokyo based law firm Atsumi & Sakai. She launched the legal and regulatory advisory services for technology-driven innovative businesses as the firm’s Innovation Practice Group in 2015. She was a panelist at a symposium session entitled "Tech X Law Firm: Collaboration for the Future" at the Nikkei’s first "REG/SUM" in 2017, and was a supporter of "Tech Business Camp Tokyo", Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accelerator Program in 2018. She also serves as a legal advisor to the Japan Blockchain Association.

Min Chen Japan LawTech Speaker & Judge

Min Chen

As VP & CTO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional Asia Pacific, Min Chen is responsible for delivering products in legal research & analytics, practical guidance & drafting tools, mobile solutions, and smart content engineering & operations across 7 markets in Asia Pacific.

Takafumi is a partner and a manager of the Innovation practice team at Atsumi & Sakai

Takafumi Ochiai

Takafumi is a partner and a manager of the Innovation practice team at Atsumi & Sakai. He specialized in mathematics and graduated from the Keio University faculty of Science and Engineering. Takafumi has over 13 years of experience of legal practice in relation to corporate, international dispute resolution, restructuring, intellectual property, IT/IP, regulatory matters. Takafumi is involved in activities of industrial associations such as secretariat general of the subcommittees of Fintech Association of Japan, director of Japan Medical Venture Association, Real estate tech Association of Japan, among others. Takafumi is also a member of the Evaluation Committee for Regulatory Sandbox in Japan at the Cabinet Office and a member of committees of many ministries in relation to Japanese innovation-related policies.

LegalTech Association of Japan —one of our 1st Japanese lawyer judges

Bumpei Izawa

Bumpei Izawa is the CEO of the LegalTech Association of Japan, a position he has held since 2018. Early in his career, Bumpei worked for a major law firm after he passed the Japanese bar examination. In 2017, Bumpei founded Top Court Law Firm specializing in advanced technologies, such as AI and Blockchain. He then later started a class action lawsuit platform called enjin, which is the first M&A exit of a legaltech company by a Japanese lawyer to a public company.

Kentaro Kitayama from Campfire Speaking for Japan LawTech Hackathon

Kentaro Kitayama

Kentaro is responsible for alliances and new business support at CAMPFIRE. He promotes open innovation that can be realized by utilizing the crowdfunding system for various companies and organizations. His current initiative is launching “BOOSTER STUDIO by CAMPFIRE,” which is a physical & experimental showroom using incubation and marketing methods of crowdfunding and new-retail.

Japan LawTech Speaker Carl Im

Carl Im

Carl Im’s company iolex enables lawyers to make their own customized legal applications for their clients. As a senior adviser at Yulchon LLC, he has been driving Yulchon’s digital strategy, eYulchon. Carl’s background is in physics and investment banking, he was named one of the 10 pioneers of new thinking by the London Financial Times, and his work has won the Asian Technology and Innovation Initiative of the Year, the Asia-Pacific Innovator of the Year, and the In-House Community Visionary Firm of the Year. He has just published a paper in A.I. with MIT’s CSAIL.

Dr. David Malkin AI Architect at Cogent Labs Tokyo

Dr. David Malkin

Dr. David Malkin is currently an AI Architect at Cogent Labs Tokyo. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University College London, his research focused on the optimization of complex networks using genetic algorithms and other biologically inspired optimization techniques.


Japan LawTech Speaker Michael Lew

Michael Lew

Michael is currently the COO at Rajah & Tann Technologies, a tech-enabled legal solutions provider. Michael has over 18 years of consulting experience in cyber forensics, electronic discovery and in recent years, legal AI. Michael founded LegalComet, an AI driven eDiscovery startup in 2017 and was later acquired by Rajah & Tann Technologies. Michael is a founding board member of ASEAN Legaltech (ALT) and co-author of the book, A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia.

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Yes, this event is completely free for hackathon participants.

LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, generate value for their organization, and advance the rule of law around the world.

LegalTechJapan.com curates the most relevant international and domestic legal tech news, commentary, and trends in Japanese for the legal, business, and education communities.

Japan LawTech SOAR is open to anyone interested in exploring law and technology solutions.    

For purposes of our event, we distinguish between lawtech and legaltech.

LawTech solutions are aimed directly to consumers, such as to individuals or to small-and-medium businesses. These solutions focus on the way of delivering law to consumers. Self-help contracts or online legal chatbots that explain consumers’ rights and obligations would fit into this category.

LegalTech solutions are created for lawyers and legal professionals in law firms, businesses, or corporations to help them simplify and automate their services or own operations. Software that helps improve contract review efficiency and effectiveness fits into this category.

At Japan LawTech SOAR, participants are welcome to create a lawtech or legaltech solution.

The hackathon will be held in English and Japanese.

“A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space.”

Society 5.0 was proposed in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan as a future society that Japan should aspire to. It follows the hunting society (Society 1.0), agricultural society (Society 2.0), industrial society (Society 3.0), and information society (Society 4.0).

SOURCE: https://www8.cao.go.jp/cstp/english/society5_0/index.html

You do not need to create a team to participate. We will have a team matching session on the morning of November 9th.

Participants are welcome to form a team prior to the event, so long as the team meets the following criteria:

1. Each team must have at least 5 members; teams are capped at 8 members

2. Each team must have at least 2 software developers and at least 1 lawyer or legal professional with legal practice experience

3. Incomplete teams that do not meet the above criteria can participate in the matching session to add necessary team members

YES, it’s possible! We are looking for volunteers to assist with the event. If you are interested in learning about our volunteer opportunities, please email us at lawtech@lexisnexis.com. Please write “Volunteer Inquiry” in the Subject Line. One of our organizers will get back to you.

Please email us at lawtech@lexisnexis.com about your interest in becoming an Event Partner. Please write “Partnership Inquiry” in the Subject Line. One of our organizers will get back to you.

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